Assessment Instruments

Sales Skills Assessment Survey: Target sales professionals

The Sales Assessment Surveys assesses the skills of sales and customer-facing personnel. This assessment was designed specifically for the needs of the graphic communications industry. All key competency areas including selling, knowledge and sales process skills are addressed. Survey results provide a baseline and target areas for custom and focused training. You can help identify areas through the eyes of the salesperson and first line managers that must be addressed to move the business forward.

Print Operational Skills Assessment Survey: Target operations professionals

The Print Operational Assessment Survey assesses the knowledge and operational skills required to work in a modern print organization. Intellective Solutions uses the competency model they developed for the Graphic Arts Educational Research Foundation (GAERF) in 2014 for all operational employees in a print organizations. These personnel include production, customer service and sales. This assessment is a perfect tool to develop targeted customized training.

The Management Practices Survey: Target Audience: All Managers & Supervisors

The Management Practices Survey analyzes the factors that influence the performance, motivation, and career satisfaction of your direct reports in terms of your management practices and organizational structures, policies and procedures. Survey results also provide insight into the impact management practices are having on the overall performance of the workgroup. You can then identify actions required to improve performance.

The Sales Practices Survey:  Target Audience: Sales Professionals

The Sales Practices Survey gathers your customers' views regarding the factors that influence your overall sales performance. The survey provides detailed feedback on the impact your sales practices have on your customers. You can then identify the actions required to increase your sales effectiveness with your customers.

The Team Effectiveness Survey:  Target Audience: Team Leaders and Members

The Team Effectiveness Survey (TES) obtains the views of you and your team members on the factors that influence the performance of your team in order to measure the effectiveness of the team as a group. Using the survey results, you can identify the actions necessary to increase your effectiveness and improve the overall performance of your work group.