Intro to Graphic Communications


Intellective Solutions Intro to Graphic Communications provides CTE, STEM and vocational teachers with an industry developed Graphic Communications learning program.

Intellective Solutions is providing a full set of resources for instructors teaching printing and graphic communications experiential courses. The objective is to ensure students possess the skills necessary to work within the graphic communications industry. Our CTE Printing Industry Training resources are directly aligned to the Association of Print Technologies Graphic Communications Skills Competencies (GCSC), PrintEd Certification and SkillsUSA assessments. 

Feel free to contact us for the latest industry developed Graphic Communications Skills Competencies (GCSC) for Intro to Graphic Communications.

Job opportunities in the Print Industry can offer career satisfaction, good wages, job security, and are in high demand. Research shows the #1 challenge for the printing industry is finding skilled workers. The Printing Industries of America (PIA) Center for Print Economics and Management has estimated the combined printing and print-based publishing industries hired approximately 45,850 employees in 2017. Many of these new employees need digital skills and knowledge. With the re-authorization and improvement of the Perkins Act, there is a groundswell of interest in practical and job related vocational training. 

The program provides teachers and learning institutions with turnkey resources including curriculum, detailed lesson plans, downloadable eBook, job aides, sample print files, applications and assessments. Intellective Solutions is an industry leader for Printing Industry Training.

Click on cover to view sample units

Click on cover to view sample units

Resources included:

  • Curriculum

  • Course map

  • Support Services

  • Lesson Plans

  • Instructor Power Point Slides

  • Instructor aids

  • Samples and application files

  • Reinforcements and exercises

  • “Hands on” student assessments

  • Downloadable eBook

The downloadable Intro to Graphic Communications eBook is an Intellective Solutions CTE developed resource. The content of the book is aligned to the GCSC competencies and Intellective Solutions instructor resources. The eBook will be available as a download for students from the Intellective Solutions e-commerce portal/LMS.

All materials will be updated and new resources will be added regularly. See addendum for details of initial resources.

Hudson Community Enterprises (HCE)

Hudson Community Enterprises (HCE) is a Jersey City-based nonprofit organization that has been creating employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities and other barriers while providing valuable services to the business community. Recently, we recognized the growing demand for skilled workers in the digital production printing industry, and knew we could take action. 

We purchased the Xerox Digital Career Pathways Program and combined it with our life skills training, social services and job placement programs. The Graphic Communications industry-driven curriculum developed by Intellective Solutions for Xerox is outstanding.  Through the Xerox Business Development Consulting Services Program, which is designed to help Xerox production customers succeed in the industry, Intellective Solutions developed a 15-week, full-time industry-certified course, specifically for HCE. 

The results have been outstanding. At the end of the program, students complete an online assessment and produce a stunning portfolio. This year we will move over 50 students into internships and full-time employment. We are very proud of our students. This has truly been one of the rewarding programs of my career.

Brian Opitz ,VP Digital Printing Services

 La Vista High School

We are very excited to collaborate with Xerox and Intellective Solutions to implement this state-of-the-art program, which will give our kids an opportunity that can lend them a living wage. We expect to save money on color printing costs by having students prepare documents such as tickets to district events and graduation programs. Graduates who are interested in making a career of graphic production can join a printing technology program at Fullerton College. The prep-to-college transition is a benefit for everyone: for the economy, the students, society, and the community.”

The Xerox Digital Career Pathway Program will grant our teenagers access to color printing services and put them on a pathway to find skilled employment. There is a lot of research and evidence to suggest that (career tech education) can be particularly effective for at-risk students. It provides positive social change, hands-on experience, and a sense of belonging instead of alienation.

Sandi Layana, Principal, La Vista and La Sierra High Schools

Riverside Unified School District

Just wanted to let you know that all of our Board members and Superintendent and several cabinet members toured Nick’s classroom on September 7, and boy were they

Ron Weston, Coordinator, Career Technical Education (CTE), Riverside Unified School District 

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