Sales Training

You Can Only Sell What You Know

There seems to be differences of opinion on whether direct salespeople really need to have a deep knowledge of what they are selling. Some have expressed views that salespeople can and will learn what they need to know on the job. We believe this is a bad strategy.

Common Sense

Let’s apply common sense.  It is infuriating to take time to meet with a salesperson only to find out that they do not know very much about what they are selling. In a world of scarcity of time, no one wants to spend precious time with an uneducated direct salesperson.

For years we have trained salespeople in the skills and sales processes required to sell in complex accounts. It is hard enough to learn the customer’s real needs and their business problems while at the same time learning product capabilities.  As a prerequisite, we ask salespeople to know the products, services and solutions that they sell.