Sales Training

Intellective Solutions Selling Training Series

Intellective Solutions can help you develop your sales team's selling skills to meet the ever increasing demands of your customers. We'll work with you to build the consultative and strategic selling skills of your entire sales force - from new recruits to seasoned sales professionals.

Intellective Solutions has developed an approach to selling in the graphic communications market that is based on a deep knowledge of the complexities of print, data and digital media. With this knowledge we focus on building confidence and skills within salespeople to sell to high level and non traditional customers. Our unique approach is called Intellective Selling.

Intellective Selling

Selling today's printing products and services, which usually involves closing high-value transactions with multiple decision-makers, requires more than the traditional selling skills. Salespeople must bring value to their customers. In fact, traditional selling skills may work against the sale! Customers expect more from their sales professionals - Salespeople must understand their customer's business, objectives, and needs.

Customers need sales professionals to help solve the problems and share new ideas, rather than simply sell a product or service. Intellective Selling was created and developed for the graphic communications industry.

Intellective Advanced Selling Strategies

This course goes beyond traditional printing selling skills to help your sales people understand their clients' business needs and strengthen their account relationships by practicing a high level of strategic partnering. It focuses on the specific knowledge, skills, and tools needed to establish and maintain your competitive advantage within the graphic communications. Intellective Solutions uses it deep industry knowledge, real life examples and proprietary reinforcements to help bring salespeople to another level of success.

Selling in an e-Media World

Attain proven techniques for generating cross media, web services and personalized printing (VDP)  sales in new and existing accounts. We offer a practical consultative sales course providing the key steps, processes, and techniques needed to close more deals. This workshop focuses on how to arouse interest and gain the appointment with senior level executives. Participants will discuss, practice, and review techniques to help them go beyond the Purchasing Agent and raise their level of contact.

Selling Financially

No sale can be made unless the deal is sold financially. Using printing industry metrics and  models, Intellective Solutions has developed a core curriculum for salespeople. Learners will be immersed in the financial principles, ratios and language required to compete.  By building on knowledge of print production, market conditions, ROI and customer environments, learners will use a prescribed engagement process to financially position and sell their offerings.

Management Makes the Difference

The ability of managers to lead organizations through the challenges of change is a daunting task. Today's successful manager is asked to add more value, increase productivity, serve customers better, and enhance competitiveness. This course focuses on the critical skills and practices managers need to lead, build quality environments, and stimulate and sustain high performance. All the materials are based on actual and real life scenarios from within the graphic communications industry.

Selling MORE Solutions for Technical Representatives

Well trained technical sales representatives who can combine technical and sales skills are very difficult to beat. With this course you can transform your technical sales team into a powerful selling organization that produces higher sales. This workshop provides comprehensive consultative sales training to build on the technical skills of your technical sales team. Participants will gain the needed sales skills through a proven methodology, exercises, tools and best practices.