Sales Executive Program

Course Overview:

Improving productivity and sales performance is the foremost challenge faced by every sales executive. Their team members respond differently to management approaches, communicate on different levels, and operate with varying degrees of effectiveness. Therefore, successful sales executives need to:

  • Align and empower people
  • Build productive relationships
  • Stimulate responsible risk taking
  • Foster truly collaborative efforts

This course enables participants to learn both practical skills and best practices they can apply within your organization. They will also learn to work together to maximize the performance of the sales organization as a whole.

Target Audience

  • Senior Sales Executives, General Managers, and Senior Sales Managers

Course Length

  • 3 Days   


Course Outcomes

In this course, participants will:

  • Develop business strategies to maximize their human capital while protecting the bottom line
  • Collaboratively manage the sales executive team
  • Assess the impact of their management practices on their direct reports as well as their entire segment of the organization
  • Recognize the impact of their expectations and the climate they create has on performance and relationships
  • More effectively develop and communicate positive expectations that stimulate individual and organizational performance
  • Assess the use of various management styles and strategies on difficult individuals
  • Increase their own effectiveness in providing constructive and developmental feedback in both informal coaching sessions and formal performance reviews
  • Develop both individual and organization wide performance improvement plans

Course Activities

This course includes:

  • A pre-course case assignment for identifying each executive's management approaches and values
  • A case study to enable participants to examine a turn-around effort and provide an overview of the skills necessary to successfully guide such an effort
  • A video case series to study a variety of management situations, evaluate the effectiveness of different management practices, assess their own development styles, and vary those styles to improve results
  • Individual and small group exercises as well as a video presentation of "The Pygmalion Effect in Management" to focus on the sales executive's task of creating a high performance climate
  • A Coaching and Counseling video to learn a strategic feedback model which can be used in both informal coaching sessions and formal performance reviews
  • Multilevel business plan development to focus on both individual and organization performance improvement using the Intellective Solutions' Performance Management Questionnaire to provide every sales executive with personal feedback from their direct reports on their management practices and feedback on the impact of these practices on their portion of the organization