Integrated Training Videos


Our custom approach to integrated training videos is based on the idea that traditional training can be expanded upon through video, audio and animation to allow for a more robust, accessible and user-friendly learning experience.

We take the proven approaches of traditional training segments focusing on key content areas and apply best-in-class professional voice over actors, high-end digital video production and custom animation to create a complete training experience ideal for optimal learning and enrichment.

Content, Storyboard & Coaching

Our in-house copy-writing talent is well versed in writing and developing custom content for unique and focused training as well as interpreting existing training materials towards creating a cohesive, integrated content ideal for training videos. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to understand the goals of their training, what approaches have worked for them, and what vision they see for content tone and presentation. By focusing on why the content is important and what it's core message is we are able to develop a more meaningful eLearning experience.

  • Content Consultation & Oversight

  • Content Development

  • Narration Scripting

  • Story-boarding

  • Copy-writing

  • Copy Coaching

  • Testimonial Inclusion

Training Video Production

Our team's special talent mix allows us to have the exclusive ability to produce television high-quality video completely in house. We offer complete 35mm and HD video production services and the kind of inspired concepts and quick turnaround the large agencies can only dream of - your primetime spot is no longer out of reach because of price. Our services cover the gamut - from script writing and storyboard concepts through music scoring, filming, editing, color correction, motion graphics, 3D animation and final delivery. Let us take you to the next level.

Videos aren't just for promotion and broadcast - videos are increasingly the primary component of evaluation  metrics used by Google, Hulu, Safari and other search engines - putting a client's website ahead of all others in their category today means measuring the video content as well.

  • Best-in-class video production and editing

  • In-studio and on-site video recording sessions

  • All lighting and general backdrop-set needs (including sourcing settings where necessary).

  • All general b-roll  (brief supportive, background and environmental video portions)

  • Teleprompter provision and aid


We know that audio can make or break a video - especially on intensive training content. How relate and engage with video training has as much to do with the attention of ears as it does with the attention of eyes. With our unique fully functional audio studio in-house - our video and graphic development works hand in hand with our audio to create a seamlessly engaging training experience.


  • Full in-house Audio Studio
  • Audio Recording
  • Sound Editing and Mix Sessions
  • Custom Environmental Sound Design
  • Original Music Production
  • Full On-Location Audio
  • Voice Over Production
  • Songwriting
  • Soundtrack Creation

We enjoy access to the highly talented voice over artist libraries of Manhattan-based Access Talent Agency with it's reputation as one of the nation's most respected and diversified talent and literary agencies.

Our access to this best-in-class talent library allows us to utilize some of the most talent voice over actors in many different demographics who represent clients in most areas of the entertainment industry including motion pictures, television, animation, theater, radio and television commercials, hosting and broadcasting, and all forms of narration.

Custom Graphics & Type Treatments

Through the use of custom high-end motion graphics, typographical and animated treatments we are able to accentuate and expand on the points of each training experience to create features an that allows the viewer to fully engage an immerse themselves in the training with the goal of receiving and retaining the full value of the content.

  • High-end Type Treatments

  • Highly Visual Message Alignment

  • Creative Graphic Applications

  • Complete Customization

  • Video, Animation & Audio Cohesion