Intellective Advanced Selling Strategies Course Overview:

In today's constantly changing business environment, sales professionals who understand their customers' communications business needs, develop a clear strategy to meet those needs, and become their customers' business partner have a clear competitive advantage.

Intellective Solutions Advance Strategies goes beyond traditional selling skills to help your sales people understand their clients' business needs and strengthen their account relationships by practicing a high level of strategic partnering. This course focuses on the specific knowledge, skills, and tools needed to establish and maintain your competitive advantage with key customers.

Target Audience

  • Experienced Sales Professionals

Course Length

  • 2 1/2 Days

Course Outcomes

After taking this course based on the critical success practices of top-performing sales leaders, your sales team will start raising its sales, but go on to build more durable, competition-proof relationships with key accounts. They will begin building strategic partnerships with current key accounts and apply their new skills to developing new accounts. More specifically, this course will send participants back to their jobs ready to:

  • Develop strategic plans to manage and direct key account sales and business activities
  • Uncover each account's critical success factors regarding the participants themselves, their company, their products, and related services
  • Apply the five steps of an effective strategic business call with each key account
  • Strengthen and leverage their ongoing relationship with key account buyers and influencers to enhance acceptance and use of their products or services
  • Differentiate between strategy and tactics, using each appropriately within the context of a keen understanding of the client's business interests, needs, and perspectives
  • Begin using a deeper understanding of the key account's business, its competition, and its customers to develop more creative solutions to the key account's problems and to strengthen the position of the participant's products/services
  • Build credibility, openness, and trust that go beyond product, and a win-win business relationship that goes beyond sales quotas

Course Activities

This program relies heavily on learners participating and focuses on their current accounts and targets to provide immediate relevance.  Industry data and market information collective  prior to the program, is delivered at key points during the program and linked closely with the Intellective Advanced Account Strategies Framework, a conceptual structure for understanding and thinking about sales strategy. 

  • Skill Assessment Guide - a self-assessment tool enabling participants to perform a Personal Sales Proficiency Analysis of their ability to plan, gather information, develop and leverage relationships, and build credibility
  • Competitive Strategic Analysis Exercise
  • Business Environment Analysis for examining their products and customers as well as the larger market environment
  • 5-Step Model for the Strategic Business Call Process
  • Strategic Planning exercises where table groups begin to apply and "test" the strategic plan they began developing at the start of the course
  • Personal Application Planning Guide for enabling participants to begin preparing for a critical key account selling activity which they brought with them to the course