Case Studies

Intellective Solutions asked its clients what are the key factors in determining the success of their company. In all cases, they included the quality and performance of their sales force.

To generate additional revenue and profit, many printing companies are selling additional and more complex offerings beyond offset printing and digital copying. In this environment, printing companies require direct customer relationships. How an organization presents itself to its marketplace is often achieved by its sales force. These are the individuals who take an active approach in getting the message out about the company's products and services.

How effectively the sales team markets the company, and in turn, how successful the organization is, is directly related to the quality of the sales and sales management training program. 

Graphic communications companies continue to look for ways to improve the return on their investment in their sales training program. In short, they want measurable results. Unfortunately due to travel and opportunity cost, many companies are taking a closer look on the impact and effectiveness of their training programs. And yet, delivering high quality sales and sales management training to their workforce is more important than ever.

Intellective Solutions offers blended and tailored leader-led, distance and web-based training solutions to leading companies that deliver results.

Case Study 1

Large Printing Company

The client was experiencing a loss of sales volume due to changing technology, a tough economy and the negative effect of electronic documents on traditional printing. The client launched new digital services and solutions to complement their existing offset printing capabilities to gain additional revenue within existing and new accounts.

Their client's sales force was having difficulty selling complex digital products, Web-to-print software services and transitioning to a customer focused sales approach

Our Recommendation:

Intellective Solutions provided a blended and tailored training program consisting of webinars and leader-led training experiences to implement a consultative selling and financial selling methodology. Each sales representative and sales manager received training, tools, reinforcements and best practices to position the client as a one-stop printing services company.

The Benefits to our Client:

  • The sales force and management learned crucial performance skills through a consultative selling focused training program.
  • Gained a common sales and sales management metrics and methodology
  • Received job aides and tools to shorten the order cycle.
  • Gained new sales and customers

Case Study 2

Small Commercial Printing Company

Our client purchased a new digital press to support one of their large accounts. Though the owner and sales people were knowledgeable about traditional printing services and products, they did not have the necessary knowledge to manage and sell new digital applications and services. The company lacked a consistent, repeatable sales and sales management methodology for selling new solutions to new decision makers and accounts.

This lack of knowledge, skill and process caused them to miss market opportunities available to them.

Our Recommendation:

Intellective Solutions worked with the client on a consulting basis to determine the markets, applications and digital products best suited for the company. After setting revenue and profit objectives, a sales marketing plan was developed for the purpose of building a roadmap to include sales/marketing priorities, assigned territories, quotas, compensation and tactics. Marketing tools and resources were provided by Intellective Solutions.

The plan provided a common sales process and language. Within 45 days after the initial meeting, an Intellective Solutions consultant assumed the role of virtual sales manager. He provided weekly sales support, management direction and on-going training to the 3 person sales team.

The Benefits to our Client:

  • Well-trained and coached sales representatives are able to articulate the companies "value proposition"
  • Activity and performance metrics were developed to help the owner quickly review the effectiveness of the sales team and gain control of the sales pipeline.
  • Time was given back to the owner to focus on running the business.
  • Provided sales team and owner with consistent methodology and language for solution sales.
  • Significant new business, new applications and new customers were gained

Case Study 3

Large Technology Manufacturing Company

The client had experienced flat revenues and a decline in profits due to new technologies and intense competition. Consequently, the client reduced expenses and headcount. Meanwhile, the company was experiencing greater than 50% turnover for their new sales hires.

Though the client was dependent on a large and disperse sales force, it needed to cut training costs even while it was increasing the stream of new products and services. The client decided to move some of their training to the Web but did not have a solution for soft skill sales training and best practice sharing that were normally integrated into their leader-led courses. They did not want to reduce the quality or emphasis on sales training.

Our Recommendation:

Intellective Solutions provided a web-based sales training program specifically designed for new hires entering the graphic communications industry. Intellective Solutions provided the client with a "Fast Start Sales" training program that salespeople take before attending face-to-face skill reinforcement sales training. The program included 5 e-learning courses, testing and sales tools. The program focused on "Where to Go", "Who to See", "What to Say" and "What to Bring Along to Create Interest". Since the courses are build specifically for the graphic communications industry. The client was able to easily include their own sales content. The client could now deliver real life Web sales training that reinforced good sales behaviors for new hires.

The Benefits to our Client:

  • Significant saving on travel and expenses for leader-led courses
  • Many thousands of sales people have used the web sales scenarios
  • Client has been able to develop metrics based on usage, sales rep performance and testing scores.
  • Courses are archived to enable salespeople to retake the courses repeatedly as required