Breakthrough Negotiating

Course Overview:

Today the sales process is more complex, more sophisticated, and more demanding. Many purchases are negotiated, rather than dictated, which requires very different abilities than the traditional "closing" skills.

This practical program uses a variety of methods to help participants learn and apply a rational strategic process necessary for successful negotiating. Participants develop a values-and-objectives-based framework for each negotiation, identifying both sides' needs and currencies, which then enables them to move strategically toward a mutually satisfactory conclusion.

Target Audience

  • All sales employees and managers who engage in client negotiations

Course Length

  • 2 Days

Course Outcomes

Your sales team will carry increased confidence into negotiations with key customers and achieve more favorable results, while increasing customer satisfaction and trust. This course enables participants to:

  • Apply ethical principles to a disciplined, five-phase negotiation process, establishing both a framework and an atmosphere of trust
  • Prepare more rigorously for their negotiations by:
    • Assessing the interests of all parties
    • Identifying each party's currencies, competitive advantages, and disadvantages
    • Developing a creative, win-win proposal that addresses the needs of the client or buyer and builds value for the proposal
    • Correctly anticipating objections
    • Outlining alternatives for overcoming them
  • Practice specific creative negotiating tactics that bring about superior outcomes for both sides
  • Recognize adversarial tactics and develop strategies to negotiate effectively without compromising their principles or position, and without giving in to pressure
  • Apply these principles, preparation disciplines, and strategies -- as well as an enhanced ability to negotiate rationally even with irrational clients -- in an upcoming negotiation

Course Activities

This course uses a variety of methods to help participants learn and apply a rational strategic process for all negotiations. They have the opportunity to experience and practice specific techniques to bring that process effectively to the table. Activities include:

  • Consumer case situations builds a conceptual negotiation framework to highlight "principles, people, and process"
  • The Thomas-Kilmann Instrument helps participants identify and explore their own negotiating style as well as learn the strengths and appropriate uses of alternative styles
  • Lecture/presentation/discussion sessions outline a rigorous process of preparation for a negotiation, as well as specific techniques for establishing an environment of trust, openness, and a "side-by-side," rather than adversarial, relationship with the client. They also help participants separate interests from positions, and to base both their "best case" proposal and back-up options on satisfying both parties' confirmed interests
  • The Ugli Orange Case - a dramatic negotiation case enables participants to apply the techniques just presented to a situation in which they identify interests and work to establish an effective climate even where none existed previously
  • Video Case: Successful Sales Negotiations, Parts I and II enable participants to work in small teams to build best-case proposals, validate the client's interests, and work through the "give and take" to agreement
  • Structured Role Play enables participants to practice the skills and concepts learned from both sides of the table in a realistic negotiation
  • Personal Development Plan incorporates the lessons learned into a plan for on-the-job improvements in personal negotiating performance