Interviewing & Selecting

Course Overview:

Hiring the right people is a challenging task that can prove cripplingly expensive when poorly executed. Without the right sales people and administrative staff, your sales managers cannot deliver the results you need.

There are no magic tricks which guarantee the right people will be recruited, screened, interviewed, selected, and hired each time, but this course focuses on proven recruitment and selection concepts, procedures, and techniques that can substantially improve your managers' ability to select the best candidates available.

Target Audience

  • All sales Managers and supervisors who screen, interview, and select new employees

Course Length

  • 2 Days

Course Outcomes

After taking this course, your managers will immediately increase their "batting average" in selecting people who will perform successfully on the job, which will lead to improvement in each unit's performance, stability, and employee job satisfaction. More specifically, they will refine their ability to:

  • Clarify selection criteria and profile the ideal candidate for vacancies
  • Develop the best sources for qualified candidates
  • Develop clear and attractive advertisements for vacancies
  • Assess resumes effectively and consistently
  • Develop clear interview agendas and solid behavioral questioning techniques to "put the candidate on the job" and increase the their ability to identify how well each candidate's knowledge and skills match the required competencies
  • Gain insight into candidates' interest in the job as well as their determination and ability to perform successfully
  • Develop an action plan to improve their own ability to conduct successful hiring efforts

Course Activities

This course uses video and audio case studies, a series of discussions, and group exercises, role plays, and an individual improvement planning task to facilitate each participant's learning through experience. This includes:

  • A case study for identifying the steps, issues, and alternative approaches in the recruitment/interviewing and selecting/hiring process
  • An exercise to calculate the cost of hiring mistakes which incorporates all related cost factors to show the importance of "selecting the best"
  • A role play that involves developing actual position analyses, candidate profiles, and sets of behavioral interview questions as well as reviewing a process model for making final candidate comparisons and selections