Time & Territory Management

Course Overview:

How can you enable your sales professionals to get more out of each day, to manage larger territories more effectively, and to leverage themselves in ways that deliver more to the company's bottom line?

Unlike the traditional time management tools and scheduling aids, this intensive program focuses on managing activity rather than time. Using a log of their actual activities, participants will link those activities to the company's mission, the mission of their own job, and their personal values. They will identify which activities are most important in the service of those missions and values, and which are most urgent.

Target Audience

  • New and Experienced Sales Professionals and Supervisors

Course Length

  • 1 Day

Course Outcomes

Participants will find concrete ways to accomplish more in each work day, add more value to your organization and deliver more earnings and greater satisfaction in their own lives. In order to achieve this, participants will:

  • Assess their current time-management capabilities, strengths and improvement opportunities
  • Identify their company's mission, the mission of their own job in supporting company objectives, and those personal values which are served in doing their job effectively
  • Develop a personal mission statement which aligns with the company's mission and values
  • Immediately apply a set of time and territory-management techniques and practices on the job
  • Minimize the negative effect of a current time management problem
  • Develop a daily work schedule for meeting high-priority responsibilities while minimizing time spent on low-priority tasks

Course Activities

Participants work independently and in small groups in the following activities:

  • Individual time and territory management plans where each participant develops a set of plans that reflect issues and considerations unique to his job
  • An efficiency and effectiveness exercise where participants define efficiency and effectiveness within the context of their mission and values and those of your organization and from that formulate personal mission and values statements, and define their customer base and the methods by which they will achieve their goals
  • A time management matrix which divides all their daily activities into four quadrants of urgency and importance and devise plans to maximize time and energy spent on urgent - important activities and minimize not urgent - unimportant activities
  • Action planning to establish a method for prioritizing their accounts and setting goals and activity priorities for their territory