Selling & Marketing Print in an e-Media World

Target Audience: Sales Executives and Managers

Attain proven techniques for expanding printing and services sales in new and existing accounts. A practical consultative sales workshop providing the key steps, processes, and techniques needed to close more deals. This workshop focuses on how to arouse interest and gain the appointment with senior level executives. Participants will discuss, practice, and review techniques to help them go beyond the Purchasing Agent and raise the level of contact.

The Fundamentals of Printing

Target Audience: Sales Professionals, Customer Service Reps, Creatives, and Operational Personnel

This workshop has been developed for those organizations that need to immerse new and existing employees in the foundations of printing. Using case studies and real life scenarios, learners will be introduced to fundamentals of file preparation, color management, substrates, litho versus digital imaging technologies, finishing and emerging digital printing applications, . Participants will be given a foundation of printing that will prove invaluable when working with demanding customers and new prospects.

Essentials of Selling the Value of Web Services

Target Audience: Sales Executives and Managers

Give your sales team a winning sales methodology and skills that moves the sale forward. Whether you are selling W2P software, managed services or variable data printing, no orders will be taken unless the salesperson executes effective demonstrations and presentations. This workshop shares, reinforces and practices an effective methodology to execute the essential sales building blocks to capture the new growth of Web services.

The Rocket Science of Managing and Maximizing Sales Performance

Target Audience: Business Owners and Sales Managers

Increase the effectiveness of your sales management and leadership. Building an effective sales team is a requirement to achieving more sales. Sales management skills are the differentiators between mediocre and outstanding sales performance. For many companies, the owner or sales manager can be the most effective sales leader. This session will provide an easy to implement action plan for owners and sales managers to develop, manage and lead their sales team. We'll help you identify the critical steps and knowledge required to ensure you meet your sales goals. You don't want to miss this session where you'll learn how to develop and lead your center to higher sales and increase your profits.

Selling MORE Solutions for Technical Representatives

Target Audience: Technical Sales Analysts & Technical Sales Support Representatives

Well trained technical sales representatives who can combine technical and sales skills are very difficult to beat. With this workshop you can transform your technical sales team into a powerful selling organization that produces higher sales. This workshop provides comprehensive consultative sales training to build on the technical skills of your technical sales team. Participants will gain the needed sales skills through a proven methodology, exercises, tools and best practices

Estimating and Pricing; The New Math

Target Audience: Business Owners, Production Managers and Estimators

Developing accurate estimates has been streamlined thanks to powerful MIS systems and workflow tools. But striking that delicate balance of pricing to achieve profit goals versus losing a project to a competitor is becoming more and more difficult. And since printers are now offering many additional services to their customers such as variable data, e-enabled marketing and fulfillment services, the estimating process is becoming even more critical to accurate and profitable pricing strategies. During this session, participants will learn the key steps needed to develop accurate costing and productivity figures for their business and also how to uncover what your services are really worth to the customer.