Sales Management Development

Executive & Management Development

Intellective Solutions can help you further develop the talents of your sales management team by increasing effectiveness.. We can help your management team select the best sales candidates, develop the core competencies of those who report to them, and coach them more effectively.

Our comprehensive executive and management development curriculum meets the development needs of everyone on your management team ? from your front-line sales managers to your senior sales executives.

Intellective Solutions' programs measurably increase sales and management effectiveness and improve business results because of our unique approach to executive and management. Your sales management team will more effectively lead, manage, and inspire exceptional performance. We look forward to working with you.

The Sales Executive Program

Improving productivity and sales performance is the foremost challenge faced by every sales executive. Their team members respond differently to management approaches, communicate on different levels, and operate with varying degrees of effectiveness.

Developing the Front-line Manager

Your front-line sales managers are critical for increasing sales and improving performance. They are the ones who must transform sales goals and budgets into productive activity and positive results. Their ability to lead, manage, inspire, motivate, and support their direct reports is critical to your sales success.

Management Makes the Difference

The ability of your managers to lead your organization through the challenges of change and enable their team to add more value, increase productivity, serve customers better, and enhance your competitiveness is critical to your success. This program focuses on the critical skills and practices managers need to lead, build quality environments, and stimulate and sustain high performance throughout their work units.

Leading the Sales Team

In order to improve bottom-line results, many companies have enhanced their product line, adopted new strategic selling and key account practices, thinned the ranks of sales managers, and expanded territories. However, this often creates more resistance and uncertainty as well as decreases creative leadership and management.

Interviewing & Selecting

Hiring the right people is a challenging task that can prove cripplingly expensive when poorly executed. Without the right sales people and administrative staff, your sales managers cannot deliver the results you need.