Sales Training

Sales Training - Solutions Series

Intellective Solutions can help you develop your sales team's core selling skills to meet the ever increasing demands of your customers. We'll work with you to build the consultative and strategic selling skills of your entire sales force - from new recruits to seasoned sales professionals.

Our programs deliver increased sales effectiveness and improved business results with measurable performance improvement. We look forward to working with you.

Time & Territory Management

How can you enable your sales professionals to get more out of each day, to manage larger territories more effectively, and to leverage themselves in ways that deliver more to the company's bottom line?

Breakthrough Negotiating

This practical program uses a variety of methods to help participants learn and apply a rational strategic process necessary for successful negotiating. Participants develop a values-and-objectives-based framework for each negotiation, identifying both sides' needs and currencies, which then enables them to move strategically toward a mutually satisfactory conclusion.

Building Customer Relationships

Without productive, long-term customer relationships based on trust and customers' perceptions of the value you add, they view buying a problem rather than a solution. Hence, you start each customer contact at ground zero and repeatedly work uphill toward closing the sale. The key to leveraging greater productivity from your sales team lies almost entirely within their ability to create and maintain strong client relationships - a process that is not addressed in most traditional selling skills programs.

Consultative Selling

Selling today's professional services, high-tech products and intangibles, which usually involves closing high-value transactions with multiple decision-makers, requires more than the traditional selling skills. In fact, traditional selling skills may work against the sale! Customers expect more from their sales professionals - they have to understand their customer's business, objectives, and needs. They need sales professionals to help solve the problems, rather than simply sell a product or service.

Advanced Account Strategies

Advanced Account Strategies goes beyond traditional selling skills to help your sales people understand their clients' business needs and strengthen their account relationships by practicing a high level of strategic partnering. This course focuses on the specific knowledge, skills, and tools needed to establish and maintain your competitive advantage with key customers.